Your Texts Will Never Be the Same Thanks to Disney Gif

BREAKING NEWS, perhaps the most important news of our lifetimes. Are you ready? ARE YOU READY??? Disney Interactive has released a new iPhone app that will allow you to insert Disney gifs and emojis into your text messages, called “Disney GIF.” GAME CHANGER. My friend Lisa told me about Disney GIF, and she also wrote […]


Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out Movie Review

Last week I had the chance to go to an early screening of Disney/Pixar’s newest movie, “Inside Out!” Pixar is well known for its clever stories, witty writing, exceptional voice talents, and punches right to the feels. “Inside Out” is no different. While the end credits started to roll, my husband leaned over and said […]


Inside Out Tsum Tsum Giveaway {CLOSED}

“Inside Out” week continues with this #TsumTsumTuesday giveaway! These little guys are so popular that I wasn’t able to acquire a whole set, and I even called around to my local Disney stores to try to get all of them. But I’m happy with the ones that I got; these are actually my favorite characters […]

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