Hidden Gems in Disney’s Frozen

Maybe you saw some of the images floating around on social media recently, or maybe you have your own sharp eye, but there are a few hidden gems in Disney’s Frozen!

1. A recognizable couple in the crowd for Elsa’s coronation!  Look closely at the bottom left … it appears to be Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn Rider) from Tangled!

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen


2. Gawrsh, that pile of chocolates sure looks familiar.  It was modeled after the chocolate and candy hills of Sugar Rush, a video game land in Wreck-It Ralph!

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen


3. It’s not a Disney movie without a Hidden Mickey.  There’s a tiny glimpse of a Mickey plush on one of the shelves inside Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna.

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen


4. Not necessarily a hidden gem but a fun fact: This painting was completed by artist Lisa Keene during the development phase of Tangled.  It’s based on “The Swing” by Jean-Honore Fradonard.  The filmmakers for Frozen liked the painting so much they not only used it but made it a major part of Anna’s song, “For the First Time in Forever.”

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen

Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen

Have you seen Disney’s Frozen yet?  How did you like it?   Did you spot any of these hidden gems with your own eyes?


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Hidden Gems in Disney's Frozen - Inspired By Dis


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  1. Hope at Disneyland says

    I liked Frozen and I did notice Flynn and Rapunzel briefly but I was so engrossed in the song that I forgot about that until I saw it pointed out in a similar article like this one. I think it’s cool how they pepper the films with fun little nods to other films.

    • Mindy says

      I think it’s so cool, too! And smart, because it makes you want to see the film over and over – haha.